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no Losers – pas de perdant

no Losers, everyone is a winner.
Influenced by the films of Jean-Luc Godard, this short film makes the point that “everyone is a winner”; The sign at the amusement park says “Pas de Perdant”, meaning that everyone who plays wins, there are no Losers. Using some real video which was taken looking out through the window; and animated images from a plethora of sources from ordinary street signs to objects rich in cultural significance.

through glass darkly (2004)

war paper

Through glass darkly is one artist’s personal response to the contibual stream of images that saturated the media during the bombing of Baghdad in March of 2003. These inages flooded the living rooms of homes far away from the conflict itself creating a strange mirrored reflection of two opposing realities. One, an endless series of imagesd of horror superimposed one on another, the orderly Continue reading