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Uncertain Narratives (2003)

Uncertain NarrativesĀ is the name of this exhibition and the title of the earliest work. It serves to sum up the concerns in my work. What ties the paintings, the collaged prints and the film together is an intuitive process of … Continue reading

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The Tunnel (2001)

The Tunnel was produced as a digital film and a digital print; the two pieces were variously shown at New England Regional gallery, the Wollongong City Galley, and at Gegenort and in the Virtual Mine internet project in Germany.   … Continue reading

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The First Three Digital Films

reflection, abstraction and memory structures … RAMs “The work seeks to establish visual similes between ordinary images and cultural icons by exploring the way informal body language specific to time and place becomes public language encapsulated in cultural icons. RAMs … Continue reading

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Paper Concertina (1993)

An exhibition review. Sitting surrounded by his current exhibition Paper Concertina. Peter De Lorenzo dispassionately interrupted our conversation aoout the importance of a single Image which may have the ability t0 embody the sequence, with a query ‘isn’t that a … Continue reading

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