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Diagonal Shift, paintings from 2014

diagonal shi 7, oil on canvas, 77, 92 cm

My work can be described by the terms non-objective, or abstract. I draw inspiration from both the history of abstraction in painting and from the elements of music. Paul Klee focussed his attention on the contents of his paint-box referring to ‘the row of watercolours as a keyboard of colours for improvisation …,’; the principle of rhythmical linear structures and tonal values being distilled from the artist’s knowledge of the rudi- ments of music.

I refer in my paintings to musical forms and structures, such as theme and variation, transposition, rhythm and repetition. My process incorporates strategies which carry a loose set of rules such as are to be found in games; for example, the movements of pieces in chess. Mathematics also plays an important role, notably division as applied to the grid, an underlying drawing or structural element present in my paintings for the past 10 years; and measurement as it recalls the musical elements of rhythm, direction and movement.


diagonal shi 8, oil on canvas, 77, 92 cm

diagonal shi 6, oil on canvas, 77, 92 cm

Diagonal Shi 5, oil on canvas, 122, 138 cm

diagonal shi 4ABC, oil on canvas

diagonal shi 3, oil on canvas, 77, 92 cm






diagonal shi 2, oil on canvas, 77, 92 cm

through glass darkly (2004)

war paper

Through glass darkly is one artist’s personal response to the contibual stream of images that saturated the media during the bombing of Baghdad in March of 2003. These inages flooded the living rooms of homes far away from the conflict itself creating a strange mirrored reflection of two opposing realities. One, an endless series of imagesd of horror superimposed one on another, the orderly Continue reading

Negotiations and Meditations (2008)

‘Colour speaks on its own terms the way a trumpet sounds its own notes…’ When asked to talk about the first influences on his paintings it is with the early work of Wassily Kandinsky that Peter DeLorenzo begins: ‘… the Blue Rider paintings in which colour operates more like music and those points of transition when the colour lifts itself away from what it starts out to represent and becomes something else, that’s what was so vital’. Continue reading

Paris in Paint


THE ILLAWARRA MERCURY WEEKENDER, Saturday  August  9,  2008    69


Some head to Paris for romance but Robertson artist Peter De Lorenzo finds creative inspiration in the City of Lights.

De Lorenzo has travelled to France four times and each time the memorable capital city has renewed his artistic enthusasism. Continue reading