through glass darkly (2004)

war paper

Through glass darkly is one artist’s personal response to the contibual stream of images that saturated the media during the bombing of Baghdad in March of 2003. These inages flooded the living rooms of homes far away from the conflict itself creating a strange mirrored reflection of two opposing realities. One, an endless series of imagesd of horror superimposed one on another, the orderly and peaceful passing of time in a totally separate part of the world. This endless series of images is knitted into a melancholic pattern of repeating light and dark, a “war paper”, a kind of meditation on the cruel ironies at play. The intimate yet helpless viewing of tragedy, the terrible and yet beautiful reflection of lights as the bombs went off and the ever present repeating of war after war. The pattern is both trap and liberty as the tranquility of a rational mathematical sequence is used to orchestrate the play of light and dark as the images fade in and out, inferring the possibility of order instead of madness, beauty instead of terror, calm instead of chaos, and in this split moment lies the hope that this is the first step, that the repeated moment can hold within it something new, a new spring.


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