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digital films (1999 – 2002)

the promised land  (2002)

the promised land

the promised land begins as a homage to george meliés;
angels and soldiers on horseback are engaged in a dance with the sun and the moon; a small boat sails away from exploding fire; soldiers guard the gate. a nostalgic animation from memories of childhood or a metaphor for changing times.
“silent night, holy night” plays on the soundtrack.




rembrandt’s fire  (2001)

Rembrandt’s fire

“the gesture of the moving camera
smears small pockets
of time passing giving shape, variation
and identity to the ephemeral;
meaning is present one instant
and gone the next…”


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mirror here, mirror there  (2000)

mirroe here, mirror there

“The images come from statues from Classical Antiquity and also from
a recent journey to Turkey and Germany. The sound of water hitting the ground acts as a constant measure throughout the film. The overlaid image of water falling reinforces this constancy yet at the same time challenges a sense of perceived permanence offered by Classical Antiquity and renders it illusory.
A sense of transience emerges reinforced by the pathos
of fragmented birds wings and fleeting architectural memories.”



brandenburg suite (1999)

brandenburg suite

“The journey is a series of intersecting moments, a continuum where public events traverse and shape private moments. Place and displacement are central metaphors unravelling moments of grief, loss and transience. Finally remembered fragments ripple across the surface ofthe screen reflecting the past and coming to rest in the present.”


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