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The Tunnel (2001)

The Tunnel was produced as a digital film and a digital print; the two pieces were variously shown at New England Regional gallery, the Wollongong City Galley, and at Gegenort and in the Virtual Mine internet project in Germany.


The Tunnel (print)

The Tunnel Print panels 1 – 10

panels 11 – 15, digital print on archival paper, 540 X 5m

This print was developed in 2002 asĀ  a direct extension of the exhibition at Gegenort. The print work is five metres long and is a sequence of fifteen images, each measuring 50cm by 30cm. The prints resemble etchings in their tonal and surface qualities but have been produced on an ink jet proofing printer on Stonehenge paper.

This work reflects on a different stream of energy flow, that of people, the effect of transmigration, and the raw material of memories and experiences. The effect of place and displacement is a major concern in the work. My own background and cultural memory are informed by the pre-war migration from Germany/Italy and Austria; Yugoslavia of my parents to Australia. The images come from a journey , a series of intersecting moments in which public events traverse and shape private moments. Layered and seemingly incongruous images produce a time-based collage which has no fixed point of entry or exit. Finally remembered fragments function to reflect the past and search for rest in an uncertain present.


The Tunnel (video)

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