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11eme Rencontres Vidéo Art Plastique


Manifestation proposé par
Ie Centre d’Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie
en collaboration avec
Ie Cafe des Images


Lieux d’accueil
Caft des Images
Centre d’Art Contcmpoain de Basse-Normandie
Comédie de Caen I Theatre d’Hérouville
du 27 au 29 novembre 1997


Installations présentées par
Centre d’Art Contcmpoain de Basse-Normandie


Like ice, Like Fire

dye sublimation print, 8 X 10 in







The First Three Digital Films

reflection, abstraction and memory structures … RAMs


“The work seeks to establish visual similes between ordinary images and cultural icons by exploring the way informal body language specific to time and place becomes public language encapsulated in cultural icons. RAMs is a time-based work that brings together elements of paintng, video and photography. Each frame has been layered and blended to produce a seamless work which seeks to be painterly and evocative. It employs images derived from sources as diverse as the electronic media, popular culture as expressed through films of the forties and fifties, and personal video snapshots. The acronym RAM in computer jargon stands for random-access memory.”

Produced with the assistance of the Australian Film Commission

1994, 13 min

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red dress

red dress frame

“The instant begins in a railway station and ends in a place in the mind when time and space engage one another in an ambiguous dance, each courting the other’s memories. The layered weaving of incongruous images produces a 4-dimensional collage in which metaphor and reality regularly change places and in so doing defy a fixed point of departure or exit, thus the journey is forever inconclusive.”

1996, 2min30

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like ice, like fire

kodak dye sublimation print, 8 X 10 inch

dye sublimation print, 8 X 10 in


“In nature we never see anything isolated but everything in connection with something else which is before it, beside it, under it and over it.”
“Nothing exists in isolation. In the work like ice like fire meaning occupies a constantly shifting ground. Each image exists in a complex web, echoed in a parallel sequence of synthesised sound. Throughout the work the horse and its rider herald a series of uncertain narratives each one leaving behind its own haunting possibilities.”

1997, 3min30

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